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Replacement for Cr6+

ID: F1510-03

Surface finishing is critical to the security and performance of numerous metals in a variety of applications. Electroplating making use of hexavalent chromium has been the treatment of option for components in harsh environments, but the aerospace industry must today find an eco-friendly alternative.
In TSAA, tartaric acid is added to sulphuric acid anodising bathrooms, generating a porous movie that protects against corrosion resistance. Experts set out to validate on an industrial scale a novel TSAA process, including pre- and post-treatment of aluminium.
Researchers developed pre-treatment procedures for inspection and cleaning of parts before anodising. Process parameters including time, heat, shower levels and electric parameters for anodisation (electrochemical conversion to form the porous oxide coating) were then optimised. Post-treatment consisted of hot-water sealing, a critical final step closing the porous aluminium oxide layer after anodising.
In addition to the technical requirements, researchers additionally conducted economic, security and danger analyses. The group evaluated chemical usage in light of conformity using the European Commission's Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. It also considered exhaust fumes (particularly in the working location), waste and wastewater production. Recycling routes for wastewater and chemical compounds were additionally recommended. Risk evaluation concentrated on work-related wellness dangers.
Failure tree analysis, design review based on failure mode, and a failure modes and results analysis were performed since well. These enabled recognition of possible failure modes and the importance of each.
The detailed manufacturing plan and manual of process procedures and criteria delivered at close will allow increased use of lightweight aluminium alloys in harsh environments without the use of harsh chemical substances. This will enhance the competition of EU aerospace manufacturers and ecological and occupational wellness and security.



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